Posted by Adminstrator on September 06, 2016

Southern Africa Ferro Alloys (SAFA) has partnered with Serenje District Farmers’ Association in implementing a technology of making charcoal from residual maize cobs after shelling. The company has since started buying shelled maize cobs from farmers in the district. Speaking to farmers at an awareness meeting held recently in the district, Same Parveer, the SAFA Project Manager asked farmers to maximize the opportunity by not burning the cobs after shelling for they are an important part in the innovation. He further told the farmers that the technology will reduce deforestation as people will not need to cut trees in order to make charcoal. The company has also started training selected farmers on how to use the technology. Meanwhile, the ZNFU in central region has welcomed the innovation and have urged farmers to work hard and make extra income through the sale of what was previous considered as waste.