Posted by Adminstrator on September 20, 2016

 Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) President Dr Evelyn Nguleka has stepped down with immediate effect.
Dr Nguleka has stepped down in order to prepare for the upcoming court case regarding allegations of misapplication of funds at ZNFU, following an audit that took place earlier this year.
Constitutionally, ZNFU First Vice President Mr Richard Lisimba will act in Dr Nguleka’s capacity.Dr Nguleka has also stepped down as president of the World Farmers' Organization (WFO). She has thanked the government, the farmers and the agricultural industry in Zambia and outside, for the good working relationship she has had with them during her tenure. She now looks forward to the full process of the law taking its course. Dr Nguleka further wished ZNFU and the WFO well in their future endeavours.
ZNFU will henceforth be restrained to give further comment on the matters, as they will now be before court.

Issued by:
Kingsley Kaswende
ZNFU Spokesperson